We Need A "Pinned" Thread In Pepper ID

Again & again & again (Might I be redundant and use AGAIN!) the forum gets a thread started with a post, hello all i have no idea what these are any ideas?, a couple of blurry/sideways pix and nothing else. As I'm sure you've noticed I like to help but this has been a constant Q&A of the same basic questions:
1. What did you grow?
         a. Hot pepper A?
         b. Hot pepper B?
2. Did you grow from seed?
         a. What pepper did they arrive as?
         b. Where did they come from?
3. Did you receive as a plant?
        a. Where did the plant come from?
        b. What name did you receive it as?
Additional helpful questions:
1. A picture of flower very helpful.
            a. White anthers indicative of C. annuum
            b. Blue anthers  indicative of C. chinense
            c. White flowers with green/yellow splotches always C. bacatuum
            d. Purple flowers always C. pubescens
2. Fruit per node?
         a. Single fruit per node indicative of C. annuum and C. baccatum
         b. Multiple fruit per node always C. chinense
And we haven't even started with fruit shape, color, position (Pendant or upright?) or texture. Many of above can be described or "picked" by the OP to help ID without them posting a pic.....Because they already have a pic!.
Wadda ya think boss? We can ad or delete from above.. We can change the format.. But I think the tile should read, Before You Post - Read This!  And if they don't we can make the first answer, "Did you read the pinned help thread above your post?"....
Nobody reads stickies before they post.
However I will be adding some forms to certain sections. So if you imagine, when you start a thread, there are a couple fields that look like the title one, but have basic questions in them. Some could be dropdown, or checkmark even, etc. Probably a good idea in Pepper ID with some of those bullets. :)