We Won! Pure Evil Marketing

a short review of pure evil drops:
i'm trying a 6.4MSHU 'test batch' which falls somewhere between the normal 1.5 and 9.6 MSHU offerings.
i don't really have any criticisms. i guess that is strong praise.
the packaging materials were good and minimal. tiny cardboard box with starch packing peanuts (i washed them down the drain).
the dropper bottles come in plastic tubes to protect them.
i did a lick test on the bottle and cap and detected no spiciness. they were not filled sloppily :)
the eye dropper itself is narrower than a normal dropper with a small opening which makes it very easy to precisely transfer drops.
i willfully disregarded the disclaimer and put a drop on a corn chip and ate it. or does that count as using it in food? lol
it was pretty hot. gave me a few instant hiccups but no real discomfort. i didn't taste it all on its own, so i can't say for sure that it is completely flavorless aside from ethanol, but i didn't notice anything except for corn chip and ethanol flavor. it seems exactly as advertised.
overall a well made and useful product. good job.
i don't know if this was the best thread to post the review in, but oh well.
Thanks, sinensis, for the comments and for taking time to post.  The packaging for these "oops" bottles do not have the black tins that regular Pure Evils have.  It is more minimal for the cost factor of that sale.
Most people disregard the 'keep away from children and idiots' portion of the instruction, but that is to be expected. :lol:  Putting a drop on a chip counts as using the Pure Evil with food.  Many people do a drop straight, but it is 'officially' not recommended, especially with the higher SHU's of which the 6.4 counts as. 
I hope you find many ways to use Pure Evil in your culinary adventures. 
looking at your website now. i see what you mean.
i actually prefer the red plastic tube with cap to the black tins. smaller and still gets the job done. less crap to have to throw away when the product's empty. kinda where i was going with the packaging compliment in the last post. save the planet, you know? or at least save space in my cabinet...