event weird day for a cook off

tommorow night(wednesday) here in Mocksville NC there is a chili cook off that i will be attending...it is sponcered by a methodist church and all funds donated to eat chili will go to help..the storehouse for Jesus.. this place is pretty cool it helps people not only with food and clothes but it has a pharmacy that helps get prescription drugs to people that can't afford it.
one year i won best over all and the next year i didnt place...they have a weird judging system one of the guys that came along and judged my chili won the event..so im like.ooooookkkkkkkaaaaaaayyyy anway i dont care about the win or loose it is a great cause.
Sounds like the storage auction I once attended. Normally the manager/owner handles everything, but this place had someone who "I thought" was a register auctioneer. Come to find out he was just a friend of the owner. I was fine with the whole setup until I discovered he was also bidding against me and the others! Luckily I caught on almost immediately. Even after I voiced a protest the others just kept on going right along with it.

He won the bid for two of the best units that day! I'm sorry...I meant to say stole!

Sometimes this world is much too idiotic to understand :twisted:
MSK said:
Sometimes this world is much too idiotic to understand :twisted:

If you really want to see how crazy the world and the people who populate it are try working at Disneyland some day. :?:
Church cook-offs can be such an odd animal to deal with. Unless you are a member of that particular congregation, you are at a distinct disadvantage to begin with. My very first cook off EVER (and I am proud to say my first win ever was a church function) (I do not attend any church so it was rather a funny situation). Folks would say "I like your chili, but I've known ______ forever, and I gotta vote for her." Landing up in first actually shocked me. And I won hand made apron from the kids club, I stil cherish it more than any other prize I've gotten. You never forget your first.

I would think that any operation where there were not enough people to judge, that it would become a peoples choice only event. All you need is a box, some pens and slips of paper. Oh well. Good luck tonight big Bub, get all the trophies and such that you can now cause I'm gunning hard for you and your little CASI's too,ha ha ha ha ha! (For those who missed it, Wizard Of Oz reference just went by, I'm really not a jerk) (okay maybe I'm a little jerky,but in a nice way) :twisted:
first ever cook off i did was a downtown chamber of comerce kinda thing.....there was only 3 so i know i had at least top 3...lol....later they told me i came in 4th...there was a guy that cooked a pot at home and had chili in his store he was giving out samples.......dead last.
that realy kept me out of it for a while until i tried spencer........again dead last....
so like they say...if at first you dont suceed try try again.
Why don't they segregate the judges and have runners bring the food in numbered containers so it's a "blind" judging. Is that just something they do at larger more organized cookoffs?
the orginization that i cook with and the one vic cooks with once in a while called casi....dose blind judging.
you put your chili in a cup and on the side of the cup is a number like 12345
and you rip off a ticket with that number 12345
the number you cant see is double taped to the cup.
all is judged and then they put it in order 1 thru 10
when they get to number one they rip off the tape and call out number 12345 and if you have that number you win.
i prefer blind judging to anything ....more fair.
I think blind judging is a great idea, personally. They tell me that blind people have heightened senses too, because of their lack of sight. That alone should make them better tasters.