Welcome SmokenFire as Moderator! And, looking for mods...

The Hot Pepper

Before I post another "This time for real, looking for moderators" post, I thought I'd better let you know, this time it is for real. Proof:
Please welcome SmokenFire as our newest moderator, and over the next two weeks, we will be looking for more to join the team. Please note this is a voluntary position, and we do prefer you are already online a decent amount of time, so you do not feel obligated to be online more. With that said, please feel free to PM me if interested and I can relay and additional info. If you have applied before, please redo. 
Hey Dru... :welcome: :D
hogleg said:
Are you kidding?!? She's the highjack queen!! :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:
I gotta go, I sense the corrector cometh :seeya:
If i was onth the home computer, you wouldeth have been correctedeth. :sternlook:

I could never be a mod. I would Corrector myself and suspend myself, and then get all flummoxed...