event Well it's official!

Just received this in from Scovie central...

Congratulations Paul & Tami,

You have placed third in the BBQ category!

You will be receiving, via mail, your certificate, score/scores, and other information in the next two weeks.

The Grand Prize Winner was *SPOILER* sauce entered into the miscellaneous category.

Bren Ankrum
Amateur Scovies

So we ended up taking third again and while I was hoping for a second or first I'm not complaining. Placing 2 years in a row with 2 different sauces tells me I'm doing something right! :D
Congratulations Paul!
Like you said placing 2 yrs running with 2 different sauces is quite an accomplishment.

We only entered once and took 1st and decided that was good enough quit while we were ahead.

againn congratulations and when will we see your products in the marketplace?

Thanks everyone! Were pretty excited around here. I cant wait to start improving on it and start getting ready for next year. The experimenting is half the fun. 😉
DEFCON Creator said:

And yes, the experimenting is the best part of it all. I can't wait to get into genetic splicing! :flamethrower:

Ooo! Splice a red savina with a goat pepper first!!!