event well its official

last week at spencer by placing 2nd i now have 11 points to cook in the world championship in a 9 point state...im hoping that money will not be a issue and i can go..with that being said i know this is gonna sound weird of me but this weekend is the nc state championship in greensbor.. been bussy as a bee getting redy for this one...will be on fox 8(local tv) friday to promote the event along with a radio station plug...rock 92 with the 2 guys named chris..they have a live stream on there website...someone board out of there skull and want to try and hear me and jessica(mother of a child that has epilepsy) eastern time i will be on fox 8 around 8 am...then as soon as i can get to the station so mabey 9 or ??somwhere around there..i think the site is simply www.rock92.com and there is a listen live button. from the first time i started to cook for the epilepsy foundation i have wanted to win this event...its kinda like a dream...right now i had 5 chili dreams and 2 have come true....1 to actualy win a 1st place.......did that in october...love valley...2 to qualify and go to texas.......did that....3rd dream would be to win greensboro and the 4th would be to win tanglewood. 5th dream......winning the world championship in texas..
this afternoon i got a major restraunt to commit to actualy comming to the greensboro event and handing out chili and im hoping this will be a big boost for the event for years to come.
cross fingers
Go ahead Bubba, second year in a row for the big show!!

As a past contestant in the Greensboro event (and very near future winner!), let me tell anyone who will listen how important an event this is for the Epilepsy Foundation. (Quick story: had a customer tell me how much just one of her epilepsy medications cost ($300 per month) and how devistating it can be for families).

I would also like to let folks know that winning the CASI Cookoffs awards the cooks NO monetary prizes. The cooks that go to EVERY cookoff (like Bubba, Jessica and Joel, Adrienne, etc) are taking money out of there own pocket with no money at the end to defray the cost. They are heroes as well as competitiors. (I only make a couple CASI's per year, so no hero status.)

Now for the smack talk! You had better work to get ready pal cause Poppa Vic is coming to get all of you. I am officially involved in 6 catagories: CASI, Freestlye, People's Choice, Restaurant, Showmanship, and The John Hare award (for most money raised) and I plan on lilfting 6 trophies (all with the #1 on them,history in the making, if you will) And if I could pass for under 15, I'd get in the Jr's catagory as well (though that 8 year old who won last year looks tough to beat!)

Anyhow, I look forward to some junk talking, beer drinking and chili serving for a cause this Saturday.

By the Way, what restaurant did you get to come, Bub?
Wow! What a mouth full!! ;) Best wishes to you both in your contest (contestestes)whatever. Ya'll get the idea.

Sorry Bubba for not having the shirt for you before Greensboro. Still not quite ready for another batch just yet. You my brother are first on my list for a 5XL!! I'll make it worth your wait. 😉

Have a Great Day Fellers!

the local wendys here in mocksville the owner of this one has several wendys in this area and wants to participate this year and next year possibly be a major sponcer...crossing fingers on this one. im thinking if they have a good time and place and take home a trophy we will get em hooked and next year it will bigger and bigger and bigger........thats what im hoping for....well i got some news today that friday at the tv station and at the rock station we will be going to chirs (american idol guy bald rocker) will be there about the same time...so i might get to meet him.....cross fingers.
ps vicster anyone that comes out and cooks to raise money for charity in my mind is a hero..1 or 2 cook off's or the whole calender.
money wise i might have to cut back and thats gonna kill me when it happens.
i hope you do well in greenboro my friend...only thing i can hope for is that im just a tad better ;)
lets see camp carefree 3rd....spencer 2nd...so that means greensboro.........
vickster you gonna be able to make it to the cooks party friday?? if so let me know what ya drink and ill pick you up some...im gonna have some ice house and probably some corona's with limes and i might pick up some abc stuff with mixers.....dont know yet.
I would be partial to meeting the cute local blonde girl from idol, but the bald guy will be nice as well. From what I can tell, that guy can sing Twinkle, Twinkle in metal.

Wendy's had better watch their behind, I'm a fan of thier work, but now it's personal. RRRRRRRRRAAAARRRRRRR!
the thing im realy excited about is for years they have tried to get a restraunt to come and participate and it looks like this may be the start..she even said something about next year catering the cooks party and helping pay for the t shirts if a wendys logo could be incorporrated...and like you said i little while ago ...the less money that epilepsy has to spend the more funds that can go for peoples medication...
Indeed you are on a path to 1st. It almost hurts me to bust that up. But....

I am wondering what you've done, as your scoring has been strong the past several cook-offs, hmmmmmm, might have to spy.

That was big getting Wendy's. That is a buttload of name recognition. And if they are willing to sponser next year, the sky is the limit.

I will NOT be at the cooks party, again. Wish I could, but work and then geting the truck, food and theme stuff ready about kills my time on Friday. Thanks for the offer of beer to get me there though, you almost had me at "what do you drink". It's just too much , especially with the two young chirrens. (By the way, how old does a young en got to be to compete?)
i dont think there is a starting limit..i think there is a ending limit...18 they move up so if there old enough to stir a pot there old enough to enter.
september you need to plan on making it to the cooks party in tanglewood.....its a all night drinking event. we got plenty of time to plan this...i might even bring some of my famous "bubba's blast" mixed drinks to tanglewood.