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well that didn't go very far at all...lol

I've been wondering about this, and remembered many people complaining about flower drop while trying to isolate pods using tulle netting. This could give us some answers. I picked some up and am going to give it a shot for the first time. The only reasons I can think of for flower drop in the netting would be heat, or the flowers just didn't self pollinate so they gave up and dropped. Or possibly the lack of morning dew inside the bags. Or maybe the dew hangs out in the bags and doesn't dissipate fast enough. Just thinking out loud here...I will record some temps inside the net bags compared to outside temps once I get some on this weekend, along with flower drop rates as I go. I've never had an issue with flower drop, but you got my gears turning now. :crazy:
Some flower drop is normal, but I answered the poll from the issue I've had with plants that have heaps of flower drop.
I've got one plant that never produced a pod, but flowers normally, they just drop off. It's also stunted compared to the plants I bought it with.
I bought 3 plants as seedlings from a shop, two are large (for new plants in small pots) and still producing pods in winter, healthiest plants I've had. The other is shorter and still flowering in winter, but never produced a pod, flowers always drop off. They were all supposed to be superhots, but all seem to be habs instead, what type, I don't know.
But they have all been looked after the same way, same size pots, same soil, same temps, same fertiliser.
I have 50 big healthy container plants. Only one has pods the others have been dropping flowers all summer. My in ground plants in full sun have dropped maybe 50% of their flowers but have pods. The main differences are the in ground plants are sandwiched between 6 huge basil plants that have bees 12 hours a day. I have never seen a bee near my containers. Also the raised bed probably distributes the heat better and gets more consistent watering. This is the 3rd hottest summer in 100 years (36 days 100+) so I am not expecting anything till it cools off.
I certainly don't have the experience that some of you do in growing peppers, but I would find it hard to believe that temps could be the sole cause of flower drop. All of my plants have had no problem setting pods, and I live where the temp swings are extreme every day. Usually mid 90's during the day and mid 50's at night all summer. I've seen a flower or 2 here or there, but nothing to speak of really. If temps are causing flower drop for others there must be at least one other factor. At least in my limited experience, I would think there would have to be something else too.