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hot-sauce Were can i get a sauce that has the 16million cap in it ?

Dose anyone know were i can get a sauce that has the 16 million pure capsaicin in it? Please let me know.


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This Incinerator sauce is made with Jonah 7 Pot chiles, Trinidad Scorpion chiles, and 15 mil capsaicin. It also has peaches and pineapple juice. Each 2 oz bottle contains 2 grams of 95% pure capsaicin.

Although the website is Candice's in Australia, I am co-packing the Incinerator sauce for her, and I have some bottles of it here in the US.

I believe there are a few reviews and videos around about the Incinerator Sauce and it won a 2012 2nd place Scovie. I think is has some other awards also, but I can't remember.

From what I understand, it is pretty much impossible to achieve 100% pure capsaicin (which is 16 million SHU) outside of a lab at this point in time and is extremely expensive to produce. 95% pure capsaicin at 15.2 million SHU is the hottest that's reasonable to produce although it still is very expensive.

Contact me via PM if you're interested in purchasing a bottle.
Kind of pricey, but there is always this:




I am with those above that wonder why you would want that... other than from a collectors standpoint. If a bottle were given to me, I would think it was cool, and put it on a shelf, never to touch anything considered edible. The bottles are cool looking, and would make good conversation pieces, but there is no real practical use for something this hot. Other than maybe keeping cats out of your yard.

Just my $0.02... :)

Edit: The 6am says it ranges from 10 million to 16 million scoville units. But either one is going to burn the crap out of both ends of you... [and everywhere in between] so I wouldn't worry too much about it. ;)