flavor What are some extremely prolific/early mild varieties ?

Coyote Zan White
Lol, they are super hot. I'm looking for mild ones xD
?? They stand far from the superhot range; probably equivalent to Thai peppers!

I understand you are looking for VERY low heat varieties; have you tryed Aji Habanero yet? Last year mine was super early (earliest of all my C. baccatrum, even if planted a couple weeks later than the other ones), quite productive tasty AF and the heat was on the lower end of the spectrum.
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Trinidad Perfume. This was, quite possibly, the most prolific pepper plant I’ve ever grown. Seeds were sown on March 15 (a few years ago), and this was the plant in July. These ripened to yellow, had just a touch of heat, and were very tasty 👍🏻