capsaicin what can i use to dissolve capsaicin crystals

What ^^^ said. Capsaicin is soluble in oil or alcohol. If you dissolve 8 grams of 16mil capsaicin in 8 grams oil, the resulting solution is 8 mil SHU.
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In this case you can consider 16m as theoretical. If capsaicin is not dissolved in something. It won't reach your pain receptor and simply do nothing. If you know where the scoville scale comes from, 16m unit is real, it really needs to be diluted 16 million times to be undetectable by normal humans. But if it can't reach your pain receptors, it will actually feel less hot than properly dissolved capsaicin.
There are many videos of people ingesting 16mil cap and comments are like...its not that hot...
Ah yes indeed. The clarification helped. I was reading it as 8mil. Thanks!
The above poster should pop a few crystals like tic tacs and then post that 🤣
I guess they think it if doesn't dissolve, that the cap is neutral or something lol.
By that logic hot sauces are not hot lol.
Grams of capsaicin ÷ (grams of capsaicin + grams of solvent) × 16 million

Let say you dissolve 3 grams of capsaicin in 3 grams of alcool it would give :

3÷(3+3) ×16 000 000
3÷6 × 16 000 000 = 8 million scoville

Yes for this formula to work you need GRAMS of solvent not ML of solvent.
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so if i put in 3 grams of 16million capsaicin how many SHU would that be
How many grams of other stuff is the 3 grams of 16mil cap being mixed with?