dehydrators What dehydration equipment does everyone have?

Currently I dry everything in my toaster oven but I'm not entirely sure I want to do that with peppers. Generally I don't love buying one purpose only appliances so I'm seeing what's out there. I see some air fryers have dehydrating modes, same with instant pots (I don't own either at the moment so it's a consideration), another consideration is a mesh rack and the sun. What do you use, and do you like your current appliance/method?
Sounds like you want someone here to convince you to buy the air fryer or instant pot.
not sold on that either, just wanted to see what setups people have. Buying almost all your appliances from scratch does a number on the wallet and I'm trying to weigh utility with cost and projected pepper yield.

Of course in my current household I'm the one who owns all the non cooking/heating small appliances - air purifier, stand mixer, food processor/blender, humidifier and dehumidifier, but now need to shell out for all the items that make food hot, preferably for around 500. Young adulthood is kicking my ass right now.
That's why I asked about your oven, not the toaster oven, the full size. Even better if it's a European convection (true convection).
instant pot also has a separate air fryer lid you can get for it (if your model doesn't include that capability already) for under $100.

the only thing to be wary about with a 10-in-1 appliance is you will be using that one appliance much more often than if you had several single-purpose appliances, and if it shits out on you, you lose everything.