What do young pepper flowers look like?

I have a few round ball shaped growths coming out where the pepper also started to split off into 3 new branches. They are really young right now, but to me they look like they would develop into a flower. They are completely spherical and have little lines running down them away from a center point. They are just kinda raised up a tiny bit on their own little stems. Could my jalapeno already be flowering at this tiny size?
Sound like flower buds to me. put up a pic. they could but i wouldnt let them produce plant cant handle the weight
naganero said:
Sound like flower buds to me. put up a pic. they could but i wouldnt let them produce plant cant handle the weight

Would it be ok to let it flower as long as I pinched the fruit off before it set? I wanna see what the flowers look like :)
I wonder why your plants are flowering so early.
I would imagine this is unusal.
Perhaps not enough blue light.
Once a plant starts to flower it grows more slowly.
Nope, not unusual at all. Cut those puppies as soon as you can. If a plant goes to flower too soon, it will affect the overall growth/height of the plant.
Hmm, maybe. Is the light color what causes peppers to flower? Or are they photoperiod dependent? I always thought peppers just flowered with age. I'm not going to let them set fruit, but they seem to be growing pretty quickly still.

Like the jalapeno is putting on a few cm a day at least i can actually see growth from when i go to class and come back on the new branches its forming. Like day before yesterday they were just little nubs on the top with half-assed pre-leaves poking out. Now they're a couple cm long branches with almost full sized leaves and new leaves forming. Other than the flowers, they appear to love their little environment.
Light has nothing to do with it. If the plant feels like it's old enough/time flowering, it flowers. I've had peppers flowering just two leaves into their growth, sometimes at the end of their season.

BTW, you have two flowers growing from what I can see in the pics. If you spead appeart the new growth you'll probably spot some more. You'll see the flowers soon enough, patience in this case is the best thing to have...clip those suckers.
Wait, so as soon as I see the round balls, yank them off? Stem and all? I don't want really tall plants anyway, so maybe I should let it flower a little earlier than normal, but not this early.
imaguitargod said:
When it comes to letting your plant flower, it's height that matters, not growth.

K, all the flower nubs are gone. I had seen the ones between the new growth already too, I got them as well. There were like probably 5-6 pre-flowers total. I'm gonna go yank the ones off that purple one now too, since it started as well.
My pepper plants are also starting to flower.
I gonna let them flower. I can't wait anymore!
I have no clue what they are. I planted a bunch of seeds I brougth back from Mexico : Cuaresmen,serrano,Habanero and Chilaca.
I guess I will be able to identify them with the flower.
Anyone dares to take a guess by looking at the leaves ?