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What is going on with my Chili Peppers

Hello everyone,
Well my plants are all growing and I actually have fruit on a few of my plants
I have one Hidalgo Pepper
and one Naga Viper Pepper
I have some fruit on a Mystery Pepper from last year 
and I hope it is identifiable when the fruit gets ripe.
We will see about the others as many have flowers already
and they are growing either in the sun or in part shade.
hey, post some pics of your grow if the mood strikes. my plants are hardened off and will be transplanted into five gallon buckets this weekend. up here in the northeast we are a bit behind you guys in Texas.  good luck with your plants.  :cheers:
Note date on below post?
Willinator said:
I do need to go ahead and take a bunch of pictures of the chili plants that I have just put in pots
Which means I could take at least 19 pictures because of the 30 chili plants I ordered I kept
19 of them and they are all planted in containers and I just need to take the pictures.
Well I guess I need to figure out how to post pictures in this forum!!  I really do not know how??  I have posted lots of pictures in the National Garden forums of my
chili peppers.