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annuum What is the best tasting annuum ?

This post made me realize how much I love the cherry pepper as well. It's like the perfect little pepper. Thick-walled, good for eating, stuffing, pickling. Just the right sweetness. 🍒🌶

I may just grow some, thanks, lol!
I have 3 super favorite spicy annums: orange thai, rezha macedonian and tasmanian black!
+1 on Tasmanian Black for fresh consumption. Too many tasty varieties for culinary uses to name just one!
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Yeah, too many good peppers to choose just one. That is very true!!!

I forgot another favorite annum. Also, it is landrace from where I live, the Canary Islands.
It's "Pimienta de la puta la madre" (Mother Whore Pepper). Incredibly sweet, tasty, like a candy. The heat is variable, some hot like a Jalapeño pepper, others like a Serrano pepper. The plant is also very productive.
Semillas.de has seeds for sale on their website (for the European people: last year I put a good handful of these seeds in the European seed train)
There are a lot of great tasting pepperst out there.

But most of them are not in the annuum family, so what is your favourite annuum ?
My personal favorite for flavor is the humble poblano with its mild heat and great flavor that virtually anyone can eat and enjoy. That is why the poblano features in so many of my hybrids. Next in line is the common jalapeno. There is a reason, in my mind at least, that those two are some of the most common peppers found.

With that being said, I also love diversity... but you asked for favorite annuum and for me it is the poblano.
I'm telling people, these Ac Kil biber are beyond tasty I discovered this year from one of my local farmers. Her husband is from Turkey and he brought the seeds over. They harvest and eat them green in Turkey, I prefer red. They have a smokey flavor like Korean chiles do.