heat What is the hottest c. anuum you have tried?

The purira I'm familiar with is not an annuum. I think it was a frutescens. Is there an annuum type too?
I think goat's weed are some of the hotter annuums
Ok Goat's Weed. Thats good to know. This is interesting to me because I favor the flavor of anuums, but crave something hotter than average. Please drop a few names of others.
I have to say tepin also...seems Judy and I think alike... :)
the chile pepper institute claims their bailey piquin rates at 97,000 SHU, that would put it right up there. and only $4 for 30 seeds. all that heat for four bucks.
I tried growing those BC and didn't have much luck...I may have to try them again...great looking pods
as for tepin, mine were hot but the burn only lasted for a very short time, which made it hard to gauge or to make a fair comparison. since, my plant has never produced a pod. i remember eating a goatsweed before walking to my kid's school to get them( a ten minute walk), it was -15C outside, i was sweating under my toque all the way to and from school. as i walked to school, i felt a wetness on my face, it wasn't snowing, i felt around, i was drooling and my lips were numb and i couldn't feel them.

how about the carolina cayenne? a few sites rate it over 125,000 SHU but i can't find anyone who has actually reviewed it. chiliman claims it medium under its heat scale and the sites that show 125 just seem to have cut'n'pasted the information so, i don't know how valid the information is.
I also vote for the chiltepin - pop one of those BB's in your mouth and you're in for a real rush.
Some good picks guys. I have a goats weed growing right now and it is definitely up there (cool looking plant too with all that white fuzz). I also have an unknown variety from Vietnam that looks similar to Thai hot. The pods ripen to orangey-red and are a little hotter than the goats weed. I haven't grown a tepin in a while, but they can be brutal, only problem is it is a pain to harvest a gazillion tiny pods. I have some seeds from a wild plant my mom found down by a river bank, can't wait to try them out.

I am also interested in that pequin from NMSU. I grew some bhut seeds from them a couple years ago but I'm pretty sure what I got to grow was some hybrid (probably all the true bhut seeds failed to germinate). It was darn hot, but the pods didn't have that bumpy skin I see in most pictures of bhuts.