heat What is the hottest naga?

I do love those ghost peppers and with their flavor I think it makes wonderful powder, but wouldn't it be great if it was hotter?!?, I think so too.
Many of the other supers, although hotter, can have a very bitter taste (read TSBT) or quite floral (read Moruga), so I'm on the quest for the hottest naga to grow next year- assuming a flavor similar to the ghost.
What do you guys think, and do you have any recommendations for places to get seeds for said peppers.
JoynersHotPeppers said:
That is one of the reasons I do super hot blends in powders!
I agree and I do have a couple of blends I made this year, and they are quite good. Maybe that is what I have to do to get what I am after.
Jeff H said:
I agree and I do have a couple of blends I made this year, and they are quite good. Maybe that is what I have to do to get what I am after.
After growing a ton of new and interesting super hots, I have found tasting each allows me to get what I am after in a powder. Certain woods during a smoking process also allow this to occur. I grew out 6 different ghost colors this year and 3 are blended in a smoked powder, yum!
Best of luck finding one, I am sure someone here will have better info. 
I expect that the Indian carbon Bhut Jolokia (or Assam strain Bhut) is the hottest one I`ve eaten. The chocolate Indian carbon is slightly hotter if you want a brown pod. 
last year i grew bombay morich, dorset naga and the assam indian carbon. 
i found the dorset naga to be the hottest and tastiest but i am not talking by big margins and considering my inconsistent weather of hot and cold, that may effect everything from heat to taste radically. the indian carbon was a prettier pepper pod though, much longer. i blended all 3 into a powder.
this year i just grew the dorset but went heavy on yellow and chocolate bhuts with the hopes of tasting them. out of 6 choc plants i got 1 fat pod. did okay on the yellow bhuts.
Guys, how do these other varieties compare (heat wise) to the basic bhut jolokia? If we assume the basic ghost is very roughly a million, most likely lower, how much hotter are we talking about? Enough to notice? Approaching Butch T heat? 
Enough to notice. The Bhut indian carbons I`ve had have been scorching hot. Regular Bhuts are hot, but............ Dorset Nagas I`ve had (only 3 or 4) have also been more hot than regular Bhuts.
It depends a lot on how the plants are grown or stressed, plus there is a natural variance between pods of the same variety. These are all going to overlap at some point - the hottest regular Bhut vs the mildest Indian carbon etc etc etc. I think the range for tests of regular Bhuts is something like 350,000 - 1.2 million SHU. That`s a HUGE difference when eating them. The heat scale might be linear, but I do not believe the effects are linear past 500,000 or thereabouts.
Indian Carbons are probably the hotter Nagas. They have a great taste, and the burn is a bad one, it is on the tongue for me and throat a bit. Dorset Nagas are not far behind to me!
i hate the under the tongue burn. i don't mind lip burn or back of the throat but the under the tongue rules me. so it is not so much about the heat but how it hurts you.
it really doesn't matter which bhut you select, once dehydrated the heat is concentrated. why not grow all variants, then you will know for sure.
good luck and i hope you get the killer hot bhut you are looking for.
Thanks everyone. I'll order some Naga Morarch and Indian Carbons and grow them along side the regular bhut next year. Should make for some great powder.
Order incoming Judy!