heat What is the world's hottest?

The record is of course, the carolina reaper. But because of of the rules for guinness, that's not completely accurate. So there have been peppers that are supposedly hotter like the chocolate bhutlah sm
According to the fire breathing idiot, its Oregon venom typle 1. Personally I had a scorpion and a reaper and they both hurt so much that I couldn't tell what hurt more 
The hottest peppers aren't the ones that scare me. Its the ones that just straight up HURT. The original red brainstrain is at my tops for shear violent tongue in vice and ice picks in the roof, that leaves you questioning WTF just happened...after you vomit.
JayT said:
Never heard of him

Though, I did eat a HP 56 with Ed Currie a couple years ago that is MY personal hottest pepper I have ever had.
How come it doesn't say THP reviewer under your avy anymore? Did you quit?
No but seriously how come it doesn't say you are our reviewer anymore?  :think:
I am not able to give it the time and attention it deserves with the hours and swing shifts I work now.  I will still do unofficial reviews from time to time for friends and thpers, or something that people are talking about (like these new reaper chips), but for now I am retired.