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What is this brutal chile?

The Vietnamese guy who runs the little convenience store/pho kitchen down the street from my house just gave me this chile from his garden—He said it was from his country, but he didn't know the name. Before I bit the end off, it was probably 1-1/4" long by 3/8" wide, so it's way stumpier than most all Asian bird types I've seen. What I was not prepared for was the brutal mule kick this pod delivered. The one little bite, and I was suffering for 10 minutes. I did not know that C. annuum could get this spicy, and I have grown Chiltepin for years:


Notice in the end-on views the amount of orange placenta:


There are plenty of seeds that I will definitely be saving:

My rooster spur, and takenatsume are relatively tame... Jalapeno level heat, sweet....

That doesn't describe the pod I had in the UK at all, which I would describe as having burned my face off...