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plant What is this pepper?

I got a gift of seeds from a friend in NM of Chiltepins & Pequins.
Out of the 4 Pequins plants I grew one has peppers that hang down instead of pointing upright.

Both small fiery orange peppers look the same & taste the same.
Has anyone seen this in Pequins before?


Some more pics of the Confused Pequin pepper.



The 2 upper pictures show a Pequin plant with both upright & down hanging pods.
Below is a picture of a shoot from the base of the Pequin that branch has upright pods only.


This is a plant I was going to over winter LOL. Now not so sure.
The above pictured oddball plant with hanging & upright pods, died over winter.
The Pequin that I saved seed from last year was very large plant & had upright pods.

The other 2 overwintered Pequins are growing great & have upright pods & the 2 new plants for this year. 😜
Well one plant so far has hanging pods so far, Arrrgh! :banghead:

The plant above has bot hanging & upright pods. What's going on? Do I have a mutant?

I've grown Pequin peppers for many years, only I lost my seeds along the way.
These seeds are new to me.

Overwintered Pequins.