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What is this thing?

So, I started a pack of seeds for Cheiro Creme peppers (Chinense variety), of which most germinated.. There were 3 tricots that sprouted, and 5 or 6 "normal" seedlings. 
 Shortly after they sprouted, I had to travel for a family emergency and was away for about 3 weeks, during which time my husband kept an eye on the plants. Upon my return, 4 of the little guys were still going strong, everything seemed to be fine,  except for this one weirdo looking plant that didn't quite fit in with the rest. I let it grow, keeping an eye on it, but at this point Im fairly certain that it's not a pepper plant at all, and View attachment 63808 would like to see if anyone out there knows what it is. When I got back from dealing with the family situation, it was growing right smack in the middle of the plastic pot that the seedling had been growing in when I left, so I assume it's the same plant that sprouted under my care, but given my absence, I can't totally be sure. 
Anyway, here are the pics...







ShowMeDaSauce said:
That sure looks like black nightshade to me.
It's a nightshade,and the odds are great that it will be black. Unless it's S.villosum,then it will turn orange.It may very well be villosum. They are identical plants except for the color of the fruits.

Black nightshade is a generic term for atleast 10 different species. It's a huge and insanely diverse genus.