favorite What is your favorite pepper to pickle?

The current favorite pickled at our house is PeppaPeach. You can put them on all the usual things but here they are usually consumed directly from the jar.
Super simple recipe, 1:1 Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar and Celery Seed to taste(for me about 1/2 teaspoon to pint of brine. Heat the ACV and dissolve in the sugar with the celery seed(or add other spices as you like), simmer 5 to ten minutes and pour over the peppers in the jars.
Chiltepin / Pequin

haven't actually tried it before but saw someone on FB market selling these and thought it was a great idea for these little peppers. https://www.facebook.com/share/HxNUDj6Jg5v8Af9o/?mibextid=79PoIi

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Green jalapeno...cuz they are easy to get...
In a Colorado pickled Mix.

Which is a mix of jalapeno, cauliflower, carrot, garlic, onion.

I use the recipe on the colorado state extension service website, except i do a cold pickle process and keep refr8gerated instead of doing a boiling water bath process wh8ch will be shelf stable.

we use these on sammiches, dice up for PotSal, burgers, mince in coleslaw...
Which is a mix of jalapeno, cauliflower, carrot, garlic, onion.
Chinenses in general are my favorites to pickle, and I like to rotate types between yellow scotch bonnets, fatalii, chocolate scotch bonnets/Jamaican hot chocolates, and Caribbean red/Antillais caribbean habaneros. It's noteworthy that the yellow scotch bonnets pickled in the unripe green stage are very nice and are a good contrast from the ripe ones (I learned this from a Jamaican friend some years ago). Regarding pickled peppers in general, the uses are limitless, and my wife is now officially addicted and cannot eat pizza, eggs, rice dishes, etc. without being accompanied by pickled peppers from the garden!
Pepper roulette. Add 5-10 varieties in a jar and pickle however you like. For me it’s usually jalapeños, Serrano, red Fresno, manzana, caribe, poblano, Anaheim, banana, & habaneros. Its always fun to see what you’ll get dipping into the jar.

I do a similar thing when I make ramen, all the peppers, more is better!
I was thinking of doing something like that with my candies. Make them all the same color but different flavors/peppers. Never know what you're going to get!