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favorite What is YOUR Favorite Tomato for taste?

What's your favorite Tomato??

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Romas like Midwestchillihead said how could you leave it off the list. Thats why I chose other. Those are the only ones I actually buy at the store. If I had to guess favorite to grow it would be the Micro Tom. They give me joy year round and take up little space.
I choose to be good Italian San Marzano, even though I love the "tomato Piennolo" cultivated at the foot of Vesuvius and Pachino.
It's tuff to pick a favorite tomato. For cherry types, Isis Candy hardly ever make it to the kitchen. We eat them as fast as we can pick 'em. I like the big sweet tomatoes like Giant Belgium, Brandywine, etc. The biggest tomatoes for me are Delicious...huge and, well, delicious. Grew regular San Marzano that were OK. Tried San Marzano Redorta, not so good. For canning, I have a Campbells variety and one called Old Brooks that is pretty good.
Heirloom cherries are the shit!
I am not a big fan of fresh (or intact) tomatoes, but some of these i can eat like grapes!
I'm growing Cherokee Purple from seed this year but my favorite last year was definitely Ananas Noir aka Black Pineapple. Rainbow colored when you cut into it and the fruit was just wonderfully flavored and sweet. I find Romas to be avg since I can buy them at the store for $50 cents a lb here but then again, I haven't grown my own Romas.

This year, I'm growing Cherokee Purple, Ananas Noir, Sun Gold cherry, Mortgage Lifter, Beefmaster, and Early Girl. Hoping to have some success even though it's been cold and raining in San Diego lately (Cold being in the 60s and wet meaning a couple inches of rain for the month haha). Hopefully it warms up soon!
You'd probably like a lot of other paste types even more than the romas which are meaty but fairly mild flavored. This year I am trying the Martino's Roma which is supposed to be a lot tastier, as well as my all-time favorite the opalka
Heirloom cherries are the shit!
I am not a big fan of fresh (or intact) tomatoes, but some of these i can eat like grapes!
There are hundreds of different cherry tomato varieties all with different flavors. You're probably like me and prefer the really sweet ones but just like other types of toms, there are lots I really don't care for at all
Dad usually grows better boy, beefsteak, and early girl. I don't really care for them. We'll be trying Sasha's Pride this year. It's an heirloom from Siberia. It should do well in my cold short summer.
My favoutites are the "Tommy Toe" and "Sweet Bite" both great tasting and prolfic fruiters.

i have grown 1,000's of tomatoes, early girl, beef steak, roma, lemon boy, cherry, tiny tims, tumbler, purple prince, better boy, starfire, fantastic, manitoba red, sweet 100's, sweet chelsea and scores of others that i can remember but i can't really think of one that was a homerun for me, though i likes them all, i really didn't love them. you know, where you put something into your mouth and you are overwhelmed with flavour.

i met a lady last year and she specializes in heirloom tomatoes and grows them locally in her home, then supplies them to specialized restaurants. i see her about 3 times per year, the last time we were fighting over the best salmon to purchase, in a grocery store. Though, i differ on her opinion on salmon, she does know tomatoes and not the ones delivered by most box stores, the next time we bump heads, i will humble up and seek her advice on "whoa, factor tomatoes". now that i have my dwc systems in place i think a good quality tomato variety is in order. maybe a new focus for 2012 or 2013.

...oh, i am in a completely wrong environment for both peppers and tomatoes. it's hot and dry in the summer and cold and dry in the winter, when we do get rain, it's usually pounding large drops that cause flash floods and everything thing gets wiped out or the rain is accompanied with a blanket of snow. how i miss the smell of the eastern rains, where as i boy could stand out in a rainfall and the rain was warm, here my nipples stick out..... honey, want to come outside? it's raining........alone i stand, again.
Whoa, from tomatoes to salmon, romantic walks in the rain, to nipples, BC covers it all. Though I'm still not entirely sure how he worked it all into the same post. :lol:
The best tasting I've grown in Mississippi are, Stump of the World, Red Brandywine, Brandywine, any heirloom types, hybrids, then it kinda
levels out to whatever I'm growing!
I voted blacks, because several of my favorites are blacks - Cherokee Purple, Indian Stripe, and Black Cherry. But actually my new favorites are pinks - Earl's Faux, and Giant Belgium.

To me, most paste tomatoes are bland and mealy, so not sure why Romas are so popular. Give me a big, flavorful beefsteak over them anyday! The only one I've grown so far that had any taste was Amish Paste. I can lots of tomato sauce and salsa, but I'd rather cook down a juicy tomato with flavor, than to use a meaty, bland tomato. If I wanted a tasteless sauce, I'd buy the stuff at the grocery store.
For juice, I have not found any tomato that can hold a candle to Red Zebra. Production, taste, amount of juice... it comes in first in all three categories.

If I had to pick a mater for salsa, it would be Green Sausage. Next to zero seeds and juice, very prolific, takes up a small footprint (they can easily be spaced 15" apart in a row.

Still searching for that "pick, bite into and savor the taste" slicer. Red Delicious was okay but not a wow. All the "Boys" as in Better, Bigger, Best don't rate with me. Beefsteak is overrated (IMO) as is Brandywine. I am trying Rutgers (said to be good), Celebrity (either God's gift to mankind or only fit for a compost pile), Bush Goliath and a hybrid - BHN 589. But I have never tasted a yellow tomato that was not great!

i am going to watch for red zebra seeds and green sausage, i know there are a lot of heirloom tomatoes that are available, just not from big box stores and i think if i am going to find that "home run" tomato, it is going to be from the special varieties. greta's organic gardens(a online seed site, lists 377 varieties) and i do see green sausage but only a green zebra.

think i grew celebrity 1 year, along with oregon, manitoba and a few others available from the big box stores and wasn't overly impressed but again, it could be because of my short season that didn't allow the fruits t mature.

this year i have lemon boy, tumbler, sub-artic, sweet 100's, yellow pear and 1 called a sweet'n'neat yellow. i do have some red cherry that just grew by themselves in some soil i had off to the side. of the several plants, i put 2 into my dwc and they are now over a foot tall, the soil ones are 4". i usually grow some juliett but haven't seen any available yet - let me rephrase, i haven't seen any in my price zone. i did grow a variety called purple prince for a few years but they had very little flavour.

i have given up on beefsteak, early girl and superfantastic types as my growing season is so short that by the time september hits, i have to pull green fruit and store them away, due to killer frosts.