flavor What is your pepper for todays pairing or cooking?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for ideas and figured I would ask what do you like to use your peppers with? Either as a snack or cooking ingredient that you may have used today (or recently). It could be your go to or experiment for today that worked out or didn’t work out as good as you intended.

I was watching a YouTube video last night and smokin Ed was talking about eating a super hot with ice cream. I never thought about it but there is a lot I don’t know about peppers so I thought it would be interesting to hear what you may like with your peppers that I may try in the future.

In my kitchen I have two choices, a dish of dried Thai chilies and second dish of dried chiltepins to choose from. I really like to cook either pepper in oil until the oil starts to turn reddish then add in some pork sausage like Jimmy Dean followed by an egg mixed in for breakfast.
There's a lot of more common uses, in chilis, sauces, etc. Stuffed with cheese or something else, if they're big enough. Thai, Indian, Chinese food. I make those pretty regularly. But I like to try different stuff too.

A sauce maker near me just came out with "Danger Berry" strawberry habanero sauce. I made a sundae with it. I had to go back and put more sauce on it! I've made Ceasar salad dressing with ghost, cole slaw with reapers, and I make a line of candies. Hot and sweet go really well together.