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pod What kind of pepper is this?

I bought a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion plant and put it in my greenhouse. The plant is loaded with peppers but they do not look like Morugas at all.

Does anyone know what kind of pepper this is?

My greenhouse is loaded with plants, scotch bonnet, carolina reapers, butch t, 7 pot jonah, lucy, barrackpore etc

Could this be cross-pollination or did I not get a Moruga plant to begin with?



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The Hot Pepper

Purple UFO that has not ripened to purple. (Easy way to check, see if some turn!)
So I did try them. They're hot, but not very hot. More like a habanero.

I went through google images of Moruga Scorpion peppers and I came across another forum where someone had the exact same looking peppers as me. They thought they were growing Moruga Scorpions as well!
It happens. One of the plants I bought this year was supposed to be a ghost. It was from the same nursery as all of the other peppers I bought and they all performed well. This particular “ghost” plant gave smooth walled smaller peppers with absolutely zero heat 🤷‍♂️. Here’s one of the “ghost” peppers from this plant.
One year I got form Bonnie what was supposed to be Carolina reaper but was mougra
Another year form papa Joe's at a local store I got what was supposed to be mougra but it had a mushroom pepper. picture on it .
It wasn't even that it turned out to be a Thai pepper of some kind.
papa Joe corrected there mistake next season