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Good pepper for 5 gallon indoor Kratky

  • Aji Pineapple

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Coyoto Teeth

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Scotch Bonnet MOA (Yellow)

    Votes: 4 50.0%
  • "These are all terrible, see the better option in my comment..."

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Hi all - So, we're getting settled after the overseas move, and the house we'll move into in three weeks has a great spot for a small indoor, overwinter growing space.

I have lights and equipment sufficient to grow one 5-gallon Kratky bucket and 3 very small Khang Starr-style mini-Kratky plants. It is wild to me how much easier and more cost-effective some of this stuff is here in the US than it was in southern Spain. (I suppose if I'm losing a year-round growing season, at least there's some benefit for the wallet.)

I think I know what I want to grow in the mini-Kratky cups, but what would you choose for a single, larger Kratky grow over the cold PA winter?
Scotch Bonnet it is 😁

For the small Kratky bottles, I'm thinking Peruvian White Habaneros, Er Jing Tao, and Sugar Rush Peach Stripey.
can't go wrong with a Scotch Bonnet. For indoor year round my staples are Scotch Brains, Chocolate Ghost, and a good ole Bhut Jolokia. My theory for my indoor peepers is to grow all-around peppers with good heat and flavor that i can eat with whatever meal.
You're gonna get quite a big plant with a 5 gallon hydro so I would suggest you grow what you want to eat the most of!
Good advice, @Siv - I've been really enjoying a scotch bonnet sauce I picked up recently, so I'm hopeful I'll enjoy growing it this time around. My MOA seeds in Spain kept failing to germinate, so a little bit of this is trying to get it to finally work for me.