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capsaicin What to do with- ?

Going thru box of packaging and found these-Red Caribbean Hab
Orange Hab
Dried placentas and glands.
Packaged in coffee filters and brown rice. No signs of nasties at all. Super crispy and fricken dangerous. From fall 2016.
Taking suggestions


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Grind to a fine powder, sprinkle on everything. Probably not have much flavor but will pack a punch.
Make a salt spice mix with the powder. Should be a recipe around here somewhere...


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Here is a good start....

You can add Italian herbs or cumin, paprika and chili powder for a Mexican flavor.
I'm not counting on any flavor, but the cap crystals just draw you into thought. Gave a crunchy squeeze and delved in with a slight nasal draw, immediate brain reaction was"WTF, did I really just do that" moment. Heavy nose running along with lip and cheek burning commenced. Definitely can see infusions or rubs.