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What turned my plants completely yellow? Desperate for help

I bought a bunch of pepper plants from a reputable farm that I’ve had no problems with in the past. Unfortunately the temperature dropped so I’ve been moving them inside and outside when necessary.
They started turning yellow which I thought maybe was from lack of sunlight and nutrients so yesterday I fertilized my soil with a 4-4-4 and gave them a little water mixed with fish and seaweed emulsion and planted them.
Today they’re more yellow than before and it’s affecting 75% of my plants. What’s going on and what can I do? The pic might be hard to see because it’s very bright
Lemon Drop - https://imgur.com/a/ZlTf2N5
Compared to this Goat Horn that is mostly green with a yellowing leaf on bottom - https://imgur.com/a/8s5Rx5z
Zone 7A, if that helps


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I would cut back on fertilizing and water more they might be over fertilized and underwatered other than that they look fine

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For better feedback as to why they're yellow - how long have they been in the ground? What kind of soil is in the bed.  Did they start to turn yellow while still in containers (you mentioned moving them inside and outside with temp changes)?  How big were the containers they were in - small for them by the end or still proper sized?
Without knowing more, I can still say it's more likely than not that you've already done everything that's needed by transplanting them and giving them a reasonable amount of nutrients.  Now it may just be a matter or waiting for healthy new growth while continuing to provide normal, proper conditions.  Watch the very small new growth and see if that's coming out a nice green or not. Once those existing leaves start to yellow they aren't going to get better and they will often continue to look worse as the plant continues to redirect their nutrients.
EDIT - I reread and see you just transplanted them just yesterday. That makes me feel even more confident you've made the changes that are needed and suggest watching for the new growth.