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What type of Ghost Pepper is this?

Seriously though... I would recommend doing what I did... get a regualr orange hab.... de-seed it... stuff with cheese... and smoke over the fire until the cheese is nice and melted... then consume it.  You will get mega heat.. but you will get the flavor.  Try this until you can handle it well... then maube try one without de-seeding it.... and continue to build tolerance.  When you can handle the hab (not panic)... then you will be ready for the super-hot. 
I don't understand why pictures aren't working for me...I'm using Photobucket (per the advice of a fellow HotPepper member), but whenever I add the url into the picture button, I only see a red "x" in my post & then, once posted, you have to go external to the HotPepper forum to see it.  What gives?  I've posted photos (of my car) directly in this forum before, but can't seem to do so now...I've never had so much trouble with posting photos in a forum before...GRRRRR!!!!
Thanks for everybody's feedback :)   Man to be honest I haven't really ate many pepper variety's yet. But I have been slowly getting my hands on different types of pepper and I love all the different tastes to them. Only time will tell If I will "dive in" to the super hot, or just build up tolerance :fire: .
BTW, that is definitely a bhut jolokia.

I just watched the video.  That was awesome!  I can't eat them like that.  I eat the whole thing and then hang on.