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hydroponic What went wrong ! ?

Hi Guy's

I unexpectedly ended up trying kratky hydroponics this year due to having spare chillies to play with :thumbsup:

I've learnt loads had great fun and grown lots of chillies I currently have 9 or 10 set up at present, however I seemed to have killed my Kratky Dorset Naga 😭


My poor Dorset Naga that seems to have keeled over after a top up 😲
As with all my Kratky I top them up now and then and change the ratios re green growth, buds and fruiting this is the only one that has been adversely effected ?

I shall save seed and I have the the over wintered mother of this plant so all is not lost but I can't figure out what I've done ?

I didn't drown it because the set up has a hole drilled so the level can never go above the original level, as soon as it starting looking poorly I cleaned and completely renewed the hydroponic solution but to no avail..........

Any ideas what I did ?

All my other set ups are fine 🤞



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From my experience doing Kratky, the larger the plant, the greater the amount of "air roots" above the liquid level needed. More plant on top means more oxygen needs to be taken in from below. That was why I always used 30 gal garbage cans. Also if the liquid is warmer, less oxygen is in it.