chinense What's in this Ghost?

I was cutting up some Ghost peppers to dehydrate and sliced this one open and found this mess inside.  The outside doesn't have any holes but it does have one small dark spot(seen on the lower half of the 1st pic).  I sliced open another that didn't have any defects on the outside and found the same thing.
Any ideas?  The plant looks beautiful.


Tybo said:
Do you know what would cause mold inside a pepper?  I hope the rest of them aren't this way.  There are lot's of pods on there.
don't know what causes it. probably the weather. 
I just always slice my peppers in half and toss the bad ones before saucing, dehydrating, or freezing them.
I've seen more of it this year than normal.  I saw some of this on my early Bhuts.  Not so much now.  The fungus is most likely contracted at the flower stage.  No external appearance.  I suspect our unusually wet and warm WX conditions early in the season led to an increase in spores.