heat What's the hottest pod you can eat whole

What's the hottest Whole pod you can eat?

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And which was the hottest?

Oh, sorry, the hottest was the caribbean red. I couldnt even speak after biting into that. I ate a fudgecicle and still my mouth was on fire.

In fact, my wife delighted in getting the whole thing on disk.
Enjoy this folks!





There were a couple other shots in the series showing me in various states of pain but the forum only let's you have 4 pics per post, but you get the idea.
I love how the hat had to come off. No messin' around when the hats come off! (or is it gloves? I can never get these things right.)
Orange hab is my limit, and that's without seeds or placenta.
LOL at the third pic. Looks like steam should be shooting out your ears.
Does the caribbean red have a fruity flavor like the hab?
these 4 pictures should do the caption game
photo number 1.....yeaaaaaa this is gonna be fun
photo number 2......OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE
photo number 3.....911 911 911 911 911 911 911 911 911 911
photo number 3....(sound effect of several drops of water hitting a hot frying pan.....somethig like. sssssssssssttttttttttttttttssssssssssssssssssstttttt
#1 Oh yeah, home grow pepper, nothin like it.
#2 Damn things not even hot
#3 Wait, there it is. I really regret this.
#4 I'll do it again

Ate a Trinidad Scorpion recently and it was agonising, very very intense hit, up there with the hotter chocolates (which I have always found hotter than Red Savina and better flavored) and the Naga...Boy you guys are just going to love the Naga's!! LOL.

Funnily the biggest effect I have had from a whole raw pepper, was some sort of caribbean hab I found on the Fulham Saturday market in 1988...that one burnt like satans slippers and went through my body literally within five mins....it could have been treated in some way though...as I have never had such a bad ride frrom a chile. Most embarrasing as I bought them, then went to a cafe for a coffee and could not resist chomping into one to try......fifteen mins on the throne and looked bloody awful afterwards, my new girlfriend of the time pissed herself laughing.

On the Naga conroversy..I never really understood the problem as the chiles were available in the UK, (my first experience with them being in a Bangladeshi restaurant down in Crystal Palace in 1997) and having grown a lot of hot peppers I have always considerezd them to be as hot as they go...although I feel that there are quite a few potential record breakers out there!!!! Most of which no one has had the temerity to trade mark.....

Roll over Red Savina...its your turn to double up and cry...LOL. Not that its a bad pepper, far from it!!! Just quite a few others I prefer for both heat and flavor.....

All the best