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misc when do you think we will be able to start moving plants out doors?

Hey Jgundo.

Just to add my $0.02, the only Big 5 pepper I'm likely to put out 24/7 in April is a decent sized Rocoto. After that my general target order is Baccatum and Annuum during the 2nd week of May and Chinense and Frutescens perhaps during the 4th week or toward the end of May. Some peppers with each species are exceptions and I'll always take into account what the weather's done recently (soil temp's and conditions) and is expected to do after.

I'm not concerned with kill-off during May, but with putting the plants into too-cold soil or weather conditions that can shock them into a slump and materially delay their growth. I want to keep them moving forward as uninterrupted as possible and hardening them off also figures into this.
Right on, thank you... I usually wait till soil temp is up, but I keep covers close by till 2nd week of may.
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