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food When kicking up my meal I...

When kicking up my meal I...

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I season with flakes/powders when cooking and depending on the dish add sauce too but he should've included pickled too because I add pickled peppers and spiced vinegar to some dishes.
For some reason, in my head, I was thinking this pertained to just superhots... So, I guess in reality my answer would be closer to 75/25, with sauce being the predominant addition. I tend to forget that I use a lot of cayenne lolol
Time to revisit this poll!
Time to give this topic a bump. I voted 50/50 but not sure if that's completely accurate. I've been making my own sauces for a few years now but they are flavored with fruits and/or different types of vegetables. Sometimes fermented, sometimes freshly blended and cooked down with various vinegars/sugars/salts. In all cases it's because I have a specific type of dish I want to match my sauce to.
Straight powders occasionally when I just want heat because they contribute little flavor to the overall meal. My main use for powders are for mixing in with a good powdered spice blend or at least garlic salt or lemon pepper.