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seeds When to plant sprouting seedlings?

Hey guys, i've been germinating some Carolina Reaper seeds for the last few days in a zip lock back in between two sheets of toilet paper that i sprayed with water and it seems to have worked wonders.... just about all 14 seeds have started to sprout and the little "feelers" are coming out.

How long should I leave them in the zip lock bag before i actually plant them in soil? should I let the sprouts get slightly bigger over the next couple days then plant or are they right to plant as soon as they sprout?
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I would say as soon as possible. They will start putting hair roots into that paper that will shear off when you pick them to plant. That said, they are fairly resilient. I still prefer a "soil mix" to pop seeds, but every method seems to have a draw back or two. I used paper towels recently to spout some calla lily seeds, I wasn't the most on top of it, but still had a very good survival rate transplanting to dirt.

Good luck on those Reapers. That's a lot of fire.
I transplant when the initial root is between 5 - 10mm long. Any longer than that & you risk damaging the root when removing from the paper towel or just with handling the seedling.
Thanks guys appreciate the info. I will be planting them in the next day or two =) I have a pair of tweezers i can use to pick them up off the paper very gently so that's what ill be using to place them in the soil. Yes I do know 14 Reapers is quite overkill by any standards but I planted that many seeds because I wasn't expecting to get this high of a success rate with germination lol
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