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When to use initials and who decides - More Naming Convention

BTW: I really am keeping track of answers and hope to create a list of generally accepted naming conventions so we all can be less confused, so lets talk initials.  I am going to use Chocolate Bhutlah as an example because been trying to wrap my head around that one due to a funny twist.
So we have Chocolate Bhutlah SM which is a very clear example.  SM was decided upon by the discoverer / creator.  Then we have Chocolate Bhutlah CS which I think was also decided upon by the discoverer / creator.  This is a fairly simple convention, makes a lot of sense, easy to understand.  But then we have a Chocolate Bhutlah PL.

Chocolate Bhutlah PL clearly exists.  It is in various seed catalogs.  People gift and trade it.  The initials are discussed as belonging to Pepper Lover.  But from what I understand, Pepper Lover had nothing to do with the naming.  Again, from what I understand, she sold her own cross as pods and called it Brown Bhutlah.  Somebody saved the seeds and called them Chocolate Bhutlah PL.  Now, much time later, Pepper Lover is selling a Chocolate Bhutlah seed but it does not have her initials behind it on her page.  So I am assuming the Chocolate Bhutlah she sells is not the Chocolate Bhutlah PL that other people are selling.  Is your head spinning yet?

Now my immediate instinct is to say it is just wrong for someone to use her initials that way.  But someone did and the strain is now out there and identified as Chocolate Bhutlah PL. 
Would it be too nutty to identify such an instance with a B for bastard?  Not as a negative but kind of stealing from the patriarchal system of naming a thing.  Traditionally, a legitimate child got the fathers name.  A bastard did not.  Maybe there is a friendlier term, but as a supporter of Bastard Nation ( an adoption rights advocacy group) I dont dislike the word. 

So then maybe the Chocolate Bhutlah PL should be called the Chocolate Bhutlah PL-B?

If you think this is a silly idea, please give me a better one that works without some sort of central authority.  Naming convention would be easy if we had a central authority, each could have a number, but then we would argue over the central authority of choice.  So this here naming convention thing is crowd sourced, just something folk agree on.

I would think brown bhutlah should suffice. I could see it being confusing because it's brown vs chocolate, but it should be less so than chocolate bhutlah PL vs chocolate bhutlah from PL
Breeders might not want their name on your varieties if the stock has deviated from what they selected. Might want to ask PL
Not sure too many people even care about what anything is called these days. Outside of THP, people usually go, OMG Saralou, will you look at this devil inspired pepper... let's go get a Starbucks.
I think the PL-B notation is a stretch. Isn't it just more appropriate to refer to it as the creator intended (i.e. brown bhutlah)? Unfortunately naming isn't easy, and even when there is a central body, new names or conventions are slow to be adopted. In medicine there's heaps of this, and it's always a conflict between the arguably easier to say eponymous name, or more descriptive, newer name. Ultimately you end up just having to learn both names so it really doesn't make things simpler. I wish I could offer an alternative, but I don't really have any immediate suggestions. It's got me thinking though. 
OK here we go...Judy didn't call her Bhutlah -Bhutlah Brown.I recall her posting somewhere here on THP that her version is simply Bhutlah.Peter Merle called his Bhutlah Brown as still does as far as I know,in fact he has several other variations as well Bhutlah Red,Bhutlah Black and so on.I believe Duffy used Bhutlah CS so growers would know that particular DNA came from Chad S.While all this is going on I believe Steve partnered up with Ed to help stabilize/popular that strain Ch.Bhutlah SM (according to stories has Butch T. In its DNA)Now BOG were at this time also growing out what they called the original Bhutlah now disbanded I believe they still grow it.This isn't too confusing at least to me it isn't.Remember at this same time AJ is growing another version he called Ch Bhutlah UK that I believe he sourced from across the pond.Recently on Pepperlovers website you'll find Ch Bhutlah advertised.Not much mentioned on whether or not it's theirs or someone else's....So the best the one can do if you want to be sure about the Bhutlah is contact Judy(or whoever is currently running the show at pepper lover),Steve or Ed,Chad or any of ex BOG members or Peter Merle lastly the Ch Bhutlah UK info would have to come from AJ.I think I got everyone.This is the story as far as I Know.
imo for the .02 it's worth. If it's a cross. Only the person who did the cross should be naming, initialling whatever. Just because you got a different pheno doesn't mean you get to start claiming it. I mean if it's red instead of yellow, sure call it (insert original name- red) but don't just be like. This is "my version"