flavor Which 5k-25k Scoville peppers do you like the taste of most?

I'm a fan of valentina black label, cholula, taco bell's Diablo sauce and the taste of reapers, I'm looking for a pepper that has this same sort of taste, but is in the SHU range of 5k-25k, I'll consider peppers slightly out of that range, if it has high praise. Ideally a plant that also has a high pepper yield. I'm growing peppers for the purpose of hot sauce, so the seeds would need to be obtainable. Does anyone know of any peppers that roughly meet this description?
if you check out these peppers you can toggle the search parameters on the left

stick with mild and medium and you should find what your looking for. 
It should be noted that they sell seeds as well as live plants. 
 Years ago when i first started looking for peppers that were less common and not what local nurseries carried...
I ordered plants from them, and they arrived alive and healthy multiple times with incredible detail to packaging for the plants safety during shipment.
They grew true to what they were supposed to be (no mislabeled, or way off incorrect phenotype)
 That being said, their shipping is expensive, have to buy live plants in lots of 6, etc.
This does not mean you can not still look at large groups of peppers based on various search parameters.
Heat Level
Pod Type
anyway, I have found this as a decent resource for looking up various peppers that i have not yet grown and tried myself
It's not going to have the rare wilds, or the newest crazy superhot crosses, but i think its 500 peppers with information on each
a decent enough starting point for a new grower.
I think it all comes down to personal tastes and trial and error
What grows and produces well in one climate wont necessarily do the same in another climate, also you may have different pests than me, etc. 
 Other than trial and error of growing what you think you might like and seeing how it does for you, i don't know what to suggest.
Also, their are soooo many peppers to choose from  :cool:
You've likely barely scratched the surface :lol:
Welcome to the insanity of wanting to try them ALL  :crazy:
Diablo sauce gets its smoky taste from Chipotle peppers, which are just ripe red Jalapenos that have been smoked and dried. So if you want to get that smoky taste in a sauce, you will want to use smoked peppers. Diablo sauce also allegedly contains Aji Panca peppers.
Cholula is made with Chile de Arbol and Piquin peppers, so if you are trying to mimic Cholula then I guess you would want to grow those.
According to Wikipedia, Valentina is made with Puya Chiles.
But yeah, like GIP said, figuring out what you like and what works best for you is probably going to be a bit of a trial and error process. Good luck!
I can't speak to the other sauces you mentioned, but BlackFatalii is right to point you in the direction of Pequin and de Arbol when it comes to Cholula. Pequins weigh in over your SHU range, at 30-65k Scovilles, but de Arbols are right there in the sweet spot, supposedly 15-30k shu. The ones I got seen to be towards the higher end of that range. In my opinion, it's the de Arbols that give Cholula that distinctive flavor; they have almost a straw-like flavor that some folks hate but I really like in the proper context (eg, Cholula, or in chili con carne along with many other types of chiles in powdered form.) I do not yet know how de Arbols taste when fresh; I've only used them as dry pods and powder, but I'm growing then this year and I am stoked.

Other than that, I'd say you want to try with the classic Mexican peppers, like Poblanos, Guajillos, and Pasilla Negra. Mulatos are good, too. There are so many to choose from, but I feel like the classics are classics for a reason. In my opinion, a lot of these annuums show more depth and complexity once dried.

Oh and really, grow a decent Jalapeño, too. Sure, they are readily available at markets year round, but I've never gotten any from the market that compare to homegrown. They are common bc they are popular, and they are popular for a reason!
Not sure about the price around your area but Valentina around here is maybe $2 for a huge bottle. Frankly...it wouldn't be worth my time to copy it unless i could just buy the peppers cheap.
I would grow a good jalapeno for the base. Let them ripen. You want a good hot variety like Mucho Nacho.
Smoke some and use some fresh.
Use whatever SUPER you like to increase heat. Serrano can work also in much larger amounts but just 1 dried ghost per 5-10oz of sauce is a really noticeable heat increase without a huge flavor change. Ripe Serrano goes really well with ripe jalapeno. Very little change in flavor just a good heat increase. You could probably smoke them and use mostly ripe jalas for a killer milder sauce.
i prefer hatch/new mex peppers.. not too spicy and good flavor. also like cherry hots.
makes some good sriracha hot sauce .they're really good for pickling, roasting..

Tabasco is a good pepper, but it's not very meaty. makes a good hot sauce though.
Ruid said:
I wonder how a hot sauce based on Bishop's Crowns would taste..
It'd be tasty, but it wouldn't be very hot, as hot sauce goes...

stevie said:
i prefer hatch/new mex peppers.. not too spicy and good flavor. also like cherry hots.
makes some good sriracha hot sauce .they're really good for pickling, roasting..
Tabasco is a good pepper, but it's not very meaty. makes a good hot sauce though.
Tabasco is C.frutescans though, right?

wrinklenuts said:
Serrano peppers
Of course, Serranos. So snackable!
I still like the old fashioned little Tabasco peppers for my day to day table sauce. I usually bulk it out with whatever else I'm growing that year, the garden centers here all have a variety called "Asian Fire" which seems to be ideal for bulking out sauce, we also grow heaps of serranos for that purpose too.

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U)<now said:
Aji Pineapple are great! Somewhere around the 20K scoville range I belive. I made 4 different batches of salsa last year, and the batch with the Aji Pineapple is my favorite by far for flavor. 
I second that. It is my favorite pepper in the milder stages for anything really.
Its amazing in salads when cut into tiny pieces. You can make fantastic Hot sauce with it too! The one I usually make has become very popular among friends.
And it is so easy to grow even under suboptimal conditions