chinense Which chinense taste particularly good unripe?

I’m planning to develop a green sauce this year to feature culantro. I’ll test it with each likely chinense I’m growing, but I was wondering what y’alls favorites for this use are.

Any chinense you remember as being really tasty green?
Have you grown culantro before? Any tips for growing it?

I have grown culantro several times. Slow germination, slow growth, bolts quickly, short lived, dies if too wet or too dry. Seeds will not germinate without light.

This year I am going to try growing culantro in 80:20 coco perlite in a hydroponic system.
Have you grown culantro before? Any tips for growing it?

I grew two pots of it last year. The germination was as described to me: about 15 days (using heat was emphasized as necessary, so I did). After that, it wasn’t very fussy for me… I treated it the same as my basil, and had it in three quarters sun.

It would start a flower spike every couple days, but I used it about as often, so I just pinched off the latest spike each time I harvested. I didn’t notice any particular decrease in flavor.
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You can check them out here. They usually use jalapanos, habs, and reapers for their verdes.