chinense Which Habanero Is The "Best"?

I was given pods of something called the Cappuccino Habanero and it blew me away. While I really enjoy the classic hab taste this was a whole different flavor. Sweet front, the taste lingers. Fantastic. Pretty dang hot too.
No one has brought up the Freeport Scotch Bonnet. If I had a desert island hab level/type it would be this. Almost kind of like an orange sherbert pop. So cool. 
I also advocate for the Carbonero. Great one. 
On a side note if you find the Ghostly Jalapeno, that thing is damn splendid. Just above a Hab level heat but a fantastic flavor all its own. I got pods back in 2015 and in one taste it became a "must grow" surpassing over 200 strains in my seed bank I hadn't tried yet!
So many great choices!

My list so far:

1. El Scorponero
2. Bahamian Goat
3. Jamaican Hot Chocolate
4. [Not sure yet]
Most likely I am going to grow only four plants due to space limitations. However, this is for 5-Gallon pots. I could get more varieties and keep the plants in smaller pots until they start producing fruit and then keep the ones I like and repot them into the 5-Gallon pots and gift the others. No idea if this will shock the plants though...

By the way, which Habanero variety makes the best fine powder?
D3monic said:
Of that list bahamian goat and el Scorponero. I'm pretty sure I got most those seeds and will double check tonight
Thank you so much! It seems that you are the Patron D3mon of my little pepper farm! <3
mememe said:
Peruvian white habanero is the Rocky of habaneros - small but packs a mean punch, remains the champ even if sometimes a nasty looking newcomer tries to take its place. :-D

Second best is the Bahamian Goat.
I did some research on them. It seems that the plants don't get big, they don't need much light, they tolerate cold and produce a of of fruit. It seems like a great choice to grow during the winter. We rarely get frost here but we do get temperatures lower than 15°C

I am considering them, even though I probably don't have the space. :D
Well, it seems that family, friends and acquaintances are going to get many pepper plants as gifts. :)
My Favourite Habanero is the Caribbean Red for a Classic Habanero flavour and improved heat over the orange Habanero. 
If we're talking about the more general Caribbean pepper varities I love Scotch Bonnets and Scotch Brains. 
Streamer said:
just sayin'....Orange Blob... best LOW HEAT enjoyable Habanero....averaging @30,000 SHU
Haha I was gonna point his one out too - I haven't tasted it yet, but I'm growing it this season, and it's definitely one of the ones I'm the most stoked to try growing.
I'm an orange hab fan definitely, and to be honest I haven't really tried any others. I'm actually set to grow three different scorpion varieties (two are crosses from WHP) this season, and three hab types (Bonnie orange, WPH fogon, and WHP orange blob). Plus a WPH red SB.
Great thread by the way - I'm going to have to come back to this next year. I found a local seed supplier that has a lemon hab (looks like the grocery store orange habs in shape, but is lemon colored) that is super cheap and looks cool: here.
Wow, an interesting question
Of course I have grown so many different Habanero type peppers
and they come in vertually every heat level from sweet to super hot!
I think I have grown every heat level.  I have a dehydrator so that I can
dry the hot ones and formulate my "toxic waste chili powder" and of 
course I love to take Creme Sherry and make Habanero Sherry to use
as a marinade.
So I really have so many favorites I do not know where to begin!