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Which lamp for a 2x4 grow tent?


because growing Cannabis get maybe legal in Germany and my VipraSpecra XS1000 is to small for my 2x4 tent also if I just growing Chilis I am thinking about to send the XS1000 back and buy me a other LED lamp.

Because I am living in Germany I want it buy from a german seller, maybe in ebay.

I can send back my XS1000 for round about 2 days from now.
Yes that isn't really much time but the news that maybe growing cannabis gets legal is really new. I didn't thought that these will happen still i live; I mean its Germany. :D

Which cheap but good lamp an you recommend?
Also two cheap lamps would be okay.

The newer versions from the VipraSpectra X and P-Series gets a downgrade I think.

The P-Series haven't anymore the Samsung LEDs and all lamps are not anymore step less dimmable.

Maybe I also will grow in the tent Chilis and Cannabis because if it really gets legal you only allowed to grow 3 plants and I dont want really huge plants because I dont vape all the time.
I would more like to have more and smaller plants because all Cannabis plants are different.
Tangie Chem isnt the same than Kusher Kush (for example).

Does anyone have recommendations and do you think I can have Chilis and Cannabis in the same tent?

Thanks a lot
Kind regards