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Which lamp for growing from seeds (and maybe overwintering two chilis)?

sorry that i was not anymore writing, i had some health issues and all my chilis expect 2 was dying.

I want now buy a lamp for the first time to grow from seeds til the sun and temperature is much enough that i can get them out next year.

I also have two chilis (I think both chinense but I am not really sure) that I want overwinter.

I am thinking to buy the lamp also for support for the two plants but I dont know if it makes sense or if i would need a much bigger lamp than for the seedlings?

Also because i am living in germany and growing cannabis gets maybe legal I want to buy it know before the prices gets much higher in germany for growing lamps.

Can someone recommend a lamp and how i get the two big chilis over the winter?

I know that overwintering chilies doesn't really make sense because of the yield. But I want to do it because exactly these two plants are important to me for psychological reasons, because everything else would feel even more like a failure.

Greetings Saphira :)