heat Which peppers set pods in the hottest weather

So I'm having some issues with my peppers setting fruit and I think it's the heat 35 degreeC +/95 degreeF +

So which peppers in your experience can still push out fruit in these temps without dropping their flowers?

So far my Aji Lemons, Brazilian starfish (c.baccatum) and yellow Tabasco (c.frutescense) have fruited but my many c.chinense and c.anuums keep dropping!

My plants are all healthy and growing great and are all handling the temps. It's just fruit set that is an issue it seems.
I live in Florida and 100f isn't uncommon in August here. I have great luck with annuums and chinenses but baccatums are a challenge and forget pubescense.
SavinaRed said:
my jalapenos and serranos seem to do great in the hot weather. My Caribbean Reds did good as well. 
I couldn't agree more.  Those are excellent bets for the hottest and driest periods of weather.
hogleg said:
IMO its likely low humidity more than heat causing blossom drop.
I think you make a good point and I should have emphasised this in my first post. I'm talking hot, arid conditions in my region.
Jase4224 said:
I think you make a good point and I should have emphasised this in my first post. I'm talking hot, arid conditions in my region.
Are you in Washington state or Western Oz?
My Aji Limons, Chocolate Scorpions, 7 Pot Primos, and Devil's Tongues did well throughout my whole season.  Including 105F summer heat.  Everything else seemed to start pushing out heavy poddage after temps dropped down to 95F and below.
Here in NY it was really hot last summer, but also very humid. My brain strains, reapers, butch t's, chocolate habs, and bbg7's put out insane amounts of pods. I only grew chineses last summer and they all did amazing. I think the humidity really helped.
The best '3 feet from Hell' varieties I've grown include...
Aji Lemon, Inca Red Drop, Dragon Cayenne, most 'southwest' C.Annuum varieties, and both red and yellow Fatalii.
I've noticed that plants growing in cloth bags (Wallybags!) tend to do a fair bit better - both growing and flowering - than those in plastic containers, presumably due to evaporative cooling of the soil and roots.
Get a shadecloth up for a few days at a time to help set pods.. then remove for a week or two then put them back up... WIll make pod setting alot easier.. Hot wind doesnt seem to kill flowers as much direct UV Burn on them, I was having issues, then I put them in partial shade and Boom!! pods started setting a lot better
My "Pimentos de Padrons",  and "Jalapenos" had no problems with heat. "Congo Red" was also setting fruits.
All other varieties, were struggling a bit. No matter if "chinense", "anuum" or "baccatum".
Thanks for your responses guys.

KrakenPeppers I have put my Reaper under some shade cloth to see what happens. It's covered in flowers so fingers crossed.

Carribean and Congo red are these similar?
My aji cito"s had no trouble setting pods all season in Southern California. I do keep all my plants in ground under 70% shade cloth.