pests White Flies??

I'm pretty sure I've got white flies, but wanted to verify with the smart folks here at THP. I have some NEEM oil on the way, and plan to use that to eradicate whatever these are.....white flies or not! 😡 I've got them on all my indoor plants (washing them frequently) as well as one of my plants outside in one of my half barrels.

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Ok, so I googled images of white flies, and I'd say that's not what these are.......I've got aphids! :( Anyway, Neem oil seems like it should do the trick. Little bastards aren't getting my peppers! :)

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I use a local product called Ludwig's insecticide for aphids, they're usually gone after the first application. It contains garlic oil, canola oil & pyrethrum. So if you can find something similar, it should work well. A natural predator would be ladybugs if you want to go that route.
The Great Aphid Wars of 2022 continue. I've knocked them way back with the NEEM oil, as evidenced by all the corpses. However, I'm still finding a few living ones (is it wrong to enjoy squishing them so much??), so I'll do a spray down every three days for a bit, then see how things are looking. I'm mostly wanting to make sure they are eradicated on my indoor setup.......there are WAY fewer of them outside, and I think I'll get some ladybugs to help with that. :)