vendor Wholesale Selling and Shipping Pallets

Hi.  I've had a big break and am selling 1200 bottles at wholesale. I need to also ship these bottles across the country.
How many cases can usually fit on a pallet? How much does it cost to ship a pallet? Is it a flat rate fee or is it by weight?  These are 5 oz bottles in cases of 12.
I did some research and math and figured this out:
I could fit about 6x6 cases on each row for the pallet. I could easily fit the 100 cases I need to ship within one pallet. It should between 90 to 100 lbs.  To ship across country it will be around 300 to 400 bucks. 
Just posting this for anyone else who may need some reference.
Also, there are no flat fees in LTL. We ship a lot of pallets and weight & dims effect the price (mostly weight), also whether or not the pallet can be stacked. Also depends if it is going the entire way OTR (over the road) or the majority of the way in a container by rail. Also take into account the fuel surcharge and possible unloading/appointment fees at the destination. Get multiple quotes and expect a wide range of prices from each. A local reference is ideal. I would not recommend going with the cheapest quote in most cases.
so UPS just quoted me 4,000 to ship 100 cases across country. they said they offer a 75% discounted rate bringing it down to 1,200.
Doesn't this seem incredibly high? i was estimating about $400-$500, due to information given to me by friends in the business.

The Hot Pepper

Can you post how many pallets, the weight and dimensions of each, and the zip codes?