pics WHP Chocolate scotch bonnet

Hi Guy's

2023 here in my wee Scottish greenhouse has turned into a superhot and scotch bonnet trial......

So far I'm most impressed by White hot peppers chocolate scotch bonnet it looks like being the most present

My little chocolate scotch bonnet from Justin at white hot peppers in its trial 5 litre pot absolutely smothered in flower's and plenty of fruit growing 😀 👍

Other contenders are Yellow Beth boyd scotch bonnet which although later sown is catching up fast ! Papa joe's scotch bonnet is doing nicely as is my Halal shop red scotch bonnet but it's older.

Not sure it's strictly a bonnet but my Bahamian goat is impressive too 👍

Anyone else growing Justin's Chocolate scotch bonnet ? Imagine guys in hotter climate's are further head then me but pretty impressive so far :cool:
I started a plant more than once already but never got it through the season. You know... space issues, having to make room for other varieties that are higher on the grow list... 🙄

My preferred bonnet variety from Justin is still the Schneider Farms SB... very productive, early ripening and not too pronounced, mild chinense taste. I can only recommend it! 🙂

Space issues :rofl:tell me about it 😁 I'm at the point I need to cull plant's ( move outside) trying to be brutal and select purely on how prolific they are ......taste will obviously come later 🤞

I have high hopes for the Yellow Beth boyd (whp) and Papa joe's (Atlantic peppers) although my Halal shop experimental red bonnet is podding up nicely 🙂

But to be honest my Bahamian goat has the biggest fruit at present 👍

Depending on how this season goes I might look into the schnieiders farm bonnet saying that whp marabella market bonnet looks interesting too ............
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Yeah they are all interesting varieties that I too would love to give a try. I have literally seeds of all SB varieties from Justin right here. I just can't make up my mind about which ones to grow. But based on my findings of last year I have a tendency to move toward scotch brains 🙂

I would love to see a picture of that bahamian goat!
I have whp Scotch brains f3 chocolate in fruit and whp Scotch brains Yellow f5 just fruiting ........but they are way behind my bonnets of the same age........

I have whp 7 pot yellow brain strain seeds to play with next i never learn :rofl: Marc It's an illness we all need help 😁
I got both the regular scotch brains and the scotch brains 7pot pheno growing, and also the yellow 7pot brainstrain (all from whp). The 7pot brainstrain is also relatively early ripening it seems. Based on my findings from previous season the scotch brains is quite late ripening...
Hi Guy's

I was trialing a few chocolates this season not overly impressed with my Chocolate Habanero big disappointment ! Poor germination and weak/feeble.

Even my Jamaican hot chocolate haven't impressed but I was trialing in 5 litre that's 1.3 of your us gallons :shocked:

However my 7 Pot Douglah and white hot peppers Chocolate scotch bonnet have both impressed.


Justin's Chocolate scotch bonnet from white hot peppers in a 1.3 gallon pot ......I'm sure in bigger pit or in Kratky it would impress even more.


My chocolate scotch bonnet pod's much better than my chocolate Habanero and Jamaican hot chocolate habanero pod's all 3 in 5 litre/1.3 gall trial pot's .
Still not a patch on Justin's huge pod's! Hopefully next year when I give it more space :thumbsup:

Hi Guy's

Now had time to cook and eat all of my 2023 Bonnet varieties Papa joe's, Beth Boyd, my Red Halal shop Bonnet.

My Chocolate scotch bonnet from white hot peppers has proved to be my favourite 😋 excellent all round heat and lovely flavour too as well as being productive.

Thought I'd just update my post to help advise anyone interested in this variety hope it helps :thumbsup:

Lovely pod just look at the oils inside a so tasty and pretty 😍

Anyone else grown this variety from Justin at white hot peppers ?

I started growing it once but didn't keep it because of lack of space 🙄...