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issue Why is this pepper plant so small?

I've got a bunch of enormous lush pepper starts going, and one serrano that looks like this:

small pepper.jpg

My other serrano looks normal. I think this plant looked normal before it was transplanted to its current pot. And ideas what's going on, and should I just cull this one?
I often like to grow out the oddballs if they look healthy enough, even if just to see how they turn out.

No idea why yours is doing what it's doing, though. It doesn't look unhealthy, just odd. It looks like it's growing only foliage - at least right now. Any indication inside all those leaves that it might be thinking about production?
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That is definitely not a typical serrano growth pattern. Looks more like my Chinenses tend to, but that doesn't necessarily mean much.

Looks healthy, though, so I'm with the others - keep it growing and see what it turns out!
Grow For It!!

I’m with CD, I love anything different. I would love to have that plant. It definitely looks Serrano. Really like how it’s super stacked. In the past when I’ve had plants like that, they were prolific in pod production. You never know, could have got a cool mystery cross.