auction Wild Charipita Auction ~closed~

I just pulled all the charipita pods off my favorite plant and thought I'd share the love. The plant was just pruned and is going on its third season! These are some of my absolute favorite pods btw. They have a wonderful c.chin flavor and pack quite a kick. Not superhot but an absolutely brazilian delicious wild. They are awesome smoked and dried then put in pepper mill!

Opening bid is 20 dollars conus only.

Auction ends Mon night 11/21/16 at 10 pm CST

I will fill a sfrb to the brim out of this bowl

I grew those in '14 and really liked them - very good peppers and so productive.  I still have quite a few dried in baggies.   I may grow them again in '17
Someone should grab these as they so good.  Yours look nice and fresh, Mike.