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Wk 6-NFL Pickem Contest-Winner gets 5 Packs of Free Seeds

I know its a bit late, but wanted to do another NFL Pickem contest for Week 6 of the NFL.
The winner gets to pick 5 free packs of seeds from the following link (same link as my seed ad here on THP)
Here are the rules:
I am selecting 6 of the NFL games played on Sunday 10/15.  Pick each of the 6 games winners (we are not playing against the spread), and then slot them according to your confidence in that game versus the others.  In other words - Slot 6 will receive 6 points if guessed correctly, Slot 5 will receive 5 points if guessed correctly, etc etc.
The games being picked are:
Detroit @ New Orleans
Green Bay @ Minnesota
LA Rams @ Jacksonville
Tampa Bay @ Arizona
Pittsburgh @ Kansas City
LA Chargers @ Oakland
In case we need a tie breaker - also pick a number between 1 and 100.
Example of how your entry might look:
1) Detroit
2) Minnesota
3) LA Rams
4) Arizona
5) Pittsburgh
6) Oakland
Tie Breaker - 62
No entries past 1 PM EDT on Sunday and no edits for obvious reasons. 1 entry per member.  Good luck!!