heat Worlds hottest peppers over the last 5 years?

By the year, what peppers would be considered the worlds hottest over the last 5 years?
I have my own opinion, but am curious what the masses have to say...
I think Jay's Ghost scorpion only tested out at about 800,000, not even in the top 10.  
1. M or higher, Ghost, Butch T. TS, Moruga, Primo, and Reaper, I have seen tested really well in the last five years.  But there's many others that could be added that haven't been Officially tested, or not tested enough, I'm sure a few like  TS,  madballz, Brain, Lava, and some  Naga's, could be added to the list of over 1.m.  if not be on top of the list if grown right. There lies the problem with testing, if not grown well might not test up there there fullest Potential IMO.   Same strains grown in NY, LA, FL. Might not test as well as lets say New Mex., or maybe not feed right might lower the total test as well.   
Supper hot growing Really just started in a lot of ways I think as to getting the most of a strain. There's a lot more to learn and new strains to make. 
nowhere in his question did he ask about tested peppers just bcuz a jay's ghost tested lower than another pepper doesnt make it less hot....jay's ghost have one of the most violent burns ive ever had in a pepper which makes it feel ALOT hotter than some of the others
Thanks for the responses!
I should clarify... I meant what were the hottest tested peppers.
So I guess fill in the blanks... Most of what I found here Is from Wikipedia
2013-2014?- Smokin" Ed's Carolina Reaper (Guinness World Records tested -Nov 14th 2013)
2013- Scorpion Butch T (Guiness World records tested March 2011)
2012- Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Chili institute tested -Feb 13th 2012)
        Note: (Guinness World records continued to consider the Butch T the record holder during this time)
2011- Scorpion Butch T (Guinness World records tested -March 2011)
         - Naga Viper ( Guinness World records -previous to Feb 25 2011)
         - Infinity Chilli ( Record held for only two weeks prior to the Naga Viper as per Wikipedia)
2010- Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) (Tested????? Date????)
Please feel free to correct me... This is just what I dug up in a few minutes of Googling and Wiki searches.
I mostly agree with the above for top fives, but were is the love for the brain strain? I've grown all peppers mentioned here and the brain is easily in my top three.
hellzbellz, go to a reputable grower for your seeds.  There are many.  Some sell as a business, some give away....but do your research on the grower/seller.  And whatever you do....don't buy from an unknown seller on eBay who is also selling tires, tea cozies and LP's!