wanted WTB: Fresh Chinese peppers (Facing Heaven, Er Jing Tiao, or...?)

I'm looking for these varieties in particular:
• Facing Heaven (a.k.a. Tien Tsin, Tianjin, Chao Tian Jiao, Kung Pao)
• Er Jing Tiao (a.k.a. Double Goldenness)
• Hainan Yellow Lantern (a.k.a. Yellow Emperor, Huáng Dì Jiāo, Deng Long Jiao)
• Star-in-the-Sky (a.k.a. Man Tian Xing)
• Chi-Chien
• Xiao Mi La 
...but if you have other Chinese peppers, please let me know!  I don't need a lot of them--maybe 1/2 lb., give or take, depending on the heat.
Thanks in advance!