flavor Yellow 7 Pod / Dorset Naga Taste Test

Got these in the mail upon my return home from my trip Saturday and was so excited. Having never tried these before, I felt it was time to test these little guys.

Yellow 7 Pods

Dorset Nagas

That evening, after visiting the future inlaws, I cut open the Yellow 7 Pod. I cut out a few seeds for future test purposes and lifted the remaining mass. I proceeded to stare in shock and horror at just how thick and juicy these beastly pepper actually was. Only just prior to eating it did I see that this pepper actually began to laugh and, I'm almost certain, actually called me a derogatory name. My fiance told me to just do it, and then chanted 'do it do it' so I did it. Guess I fell to peer pressure.

Chomping down on the mass, I was surprised at the citrus taste it had. The smell of the pepper resembled that of a habanero, but the taste didn't compare. The 7 pod's taste was much better. I got to enjoy the taste for only a short period because the heat came on fast. It reached its pinnacle just as quickly, and lasted a few minutes. I instantly had the hiccups and the back of my throat was on fire.

But the heat died quickly after the few-minute-flame. All in all I enjoyed it, albeit it lacking much in the way of aftertaste. Tasty pepper.

I just finished the Dorset Naga, still have a small burn as a matter of fact. This guy surprised me in the way it turned out.

After enduring the same mockery as the previous taste test, minus the laughing part. I sliced this one in have with a grin to assert myself as the dominant species. Showed him who's boss.

I was actually more nervous about this one, primarily because of appearance. It lacked the friendly, jolly, misleading appearance the plump 7 pod carried. And, after popping it into my mouth, noticed it lacked much taste as well. The flavor seemed hidden in the dorset. Was more peppery in taste than anything.

The heat took a good 10 seconds to come on. I had almost written it off as a dud before the fire ignited. And boy did it ignite. The follow hot swallow set my throat ablaze. Made me cringe, but didn't give me the hiccups. The pain was worse than the 7 pod, in my opinion, and also lasted much longer. The pain carried down to my stomach, which is generally a bad sign for me. I just hate the heat cramps.

The fire burned for a good 12 minutes before dying down. And now, 30 minutes later, it's almost gone.

So the 7 pod wins on flavor. The dorset wins on heat and heat duration. However, the heat level was very similar.

Thanks a bunch to JSKaiser for the peppers! Saving a few for some spice blends or a marinade.
Great reviews. Thanks. That yellow 7 was from the same plant that took hold of me on video. It has the most fruity citrusy flavor out of all the superhots I have had. Love them. Glad you enjoyed em. They make the meanest stir fry out there. I tried making eggrolls with pork and veggies, and threw in some finely diced yellow 7s and then fried em up. Crucial. Great egg rolls though. "Cried" the whole time I was eating them. By myself I might add. Nobody could take it.
Yea I definitely need to invest in a video camera that's better quality than my droid cam. Would be good fun for everyone to laugh at my stupidity and pain hehe.
wow , you should write novels dude! that did more justice to the peppers than my flipcam could ever do! can't wait to try yellow 7s. another big rain so maybe soon.
Good review meat. A little surprised that the heat didn't last longer with the yellow 7 pod though. Live and learn, thank you.
Though its funny to watch the videos, I like reading a reveiwers battle with the "hotties".

The reviewer really has time to think what he would like to say, mentally revisit what happened during the ordeal, then write a post.

With a video, the viewer is getting what actually happened but the reviewer may not be in a clear state of mind and may not be telling you all the information they would like as every third phrase out of their mouths is "the burning in my throat".

Good job napaman!

PS. common phrase around my house is "why do I keep doing this to myself?" and the rapid breathing in and out trying to take the burn away - wifey knows what happened when I act like that now.
Nice reviews! I’m doing a Dorset tonight. So let me get this straight... Less flavor more pain.... wonderful. hahahaha At least I found a volunteer to share in the misery tonight. Should make it more fun to try. I’m also looking forward to a tasty Yellow 7 at some point with you and a few others giving it such high marks for flavor.